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Its one of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs I have bought. It helps me out of the fatigue in long working hours and have reduced my backache to some extent that caused by long time sitting and improper sitting position. It deserved in the name of ergonomic design. Highly recommend!


Jun, Wollongong, NSW

A very stylish and ergonomic chair, just what I need for my new home office. Working from home for the past few months the kitchen chair I was using had started to get quite uncomfy, and this chair has fixed that discomfort! It's got all the adjustments you need in an office chair and is very easy to set up and use.


Mayandra, Harrisdale, WA

Highly recommended! I love this chair. It is very comfortable and easy to assemble. It only took me 10 minutes to put all part together. Very comfy and sturdy. If you need to sit for a long time, this chair gives you a strong support to your back and neck.


Emmanuel, Melbourne, VIC

Nice chair recommend for everyone.

Very heavy, stable, comfortable and flexible, suitable for sedentary staff I like it, recommend


ANSON R. WANG, Melbourne

Got recommended this chair by my father. By far the most comfortable chair I've had! I've had back pain for a long time and the ergo chair 2 helps massively when i sit at my desk all day. Great long term investment for your health!


Sion.L , Sydney, NSW

Awesome chair for office use or gaming. Adjustable settings that is suitable for all your needs. Very sturdy and has a soft cushion.


Jiao.Lin, Southbank, VIC