Six Key Points for Choosing Ergo Comfort Chair

The main function of the ergo comfort chair is to make the body maintain the S-shaped curve of our spine. So how does the ergonomic chair realize its function?

Through the adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, or chair back and armrests, the neck and arms are supported, the waist is pillowed, and the whole body is fully and reasonably supported.

1. Headrest
The headrest is used to fit the spine to correct our sitting posture in the office and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine to reduce the supporting strength of our spine, and it will not soon cause neck pain.

2. Chairback
The chair's back is mainly to support the back, thereby reducing most of the bodyweight on the waist and lumbar spine. In this way, sitting for a long time will not hurt the core easily. At the same time, the S-shaped design can fit the curve of the human spine to a certain extent to maintain the correct sitting posture.

3. The support of the lumbar pillow
The lumbar pillow is the central part of the entire chair. A suitable lumbar pillow should be not too hard, and then it can give enough support to the waist so that our lumbar spine is not easy to be injured and have soreness. On the other hand, good support of the lumbar pillow is on the position of the third and fourth sections of our caudal spine. The advantage of this is that it can support the lumbar spine and keep the spine in the S-shaped curve of the human body, which is more ergonomic.

4. Armrest
Whether you are working or resting, the armrest can be used as a support, which reduces the supporting force of our arms; In many cases, our shoulders will be sore because the arms are not supported, which tends to cause excessive tension in the shoulder muscles, leading to shoulder pain and tightness. Therefore, when choosing an ergonomic chair, at least the armrests can be adjusted for lifting and lowering, preferably 3d/4d, to support our elbows in different working positions. This can reduce shoulder soreness and frozen shoulder to a certain extent.

5. Cushion
The cushions are divided into sponge cushions and mesh cushions. It is recommended that customers over 85 kilograms choose sponge cushions or leather cushions. Using mesh cushions may compress the blood vessels of the thighs when your weight is heavy, and the thighs may become numb. Because of the sponge filling, sponge cushions and leather cushions will not sink significantly, so the above situations are relatively rare.

6. Pneumatic bar
In terms of the pneumatic bar, users should mainly focus on whether it is equipped with international safety certification, such as SGS, TUV certification, BIFMA, or above level 3 pneumatic bar (SIHOO pneumatic bar, Taiwan WDE, Wright pneumatic bar. Generally the international and mainland brand chairs are equipped with certified pneumatic bar).