The Difference Between the Ergo Chair and Ordinary Office Chair

1. Sizes of the ergo chair

Ordinary office chairs usually only have one size. Because the height and width of different office chairs are not the same, the suitable body shape of a certain chair depends on the size of the relevant product. In contrast, the ergo chair has a variety of adjustment functions, so the range of suitable body shape is wider, and some ergonomic chairs will provide multiple sizes to choose from, such as Herman Miller's Aeron. But not all ergonomic chairs can meet all human body types, such as Humanscale's Different World ergonomic chair, which is not suitable for tall and fat people to sit on.


2. Structures of the ergo chair


It can be found that many ergonomic chairs do not have a headrest. Why? The headrest function is nothing more than the support of the head when the rest is leaning back, and the function of the headrest is zero under the state of working and sitting usually. Therefore, the presence or absence of a headrest is not the key to the ergo chair, but it is better than nothing. The ergo chair of the Freedom series manufactured by Humanscale is equipped with the most comfortable headrest, which will be explained in detail below.


Chair back:

The chair back can be said to be the main part of the ergo chair. This is also the most important difference from ordinary office chairs. It is not a difference that a simple curve can remove. The material used, the fit of the human spine, and the method of reclining adjustment are the keys to the chair's back. A good chair back should enable people to feel relaxed and comfortable, without pressure, weight, and stuffiness.


Lumbar support:

Most ergonomic chairs will have adjustable lumbar support, and of course, there are some products without lumbar support. Adjustable lumbar support is divided into up and down adjustment, left and right, strength, or asymmetric strength. The adjustment method is not the most important, and the important thing is whether the lumbar support + chair back can play a perfect role in supporting the spine and lumbar spine.



Different materials have a big difference in the sitting feeling of the Sihoo ergo chair. I have talked about the main categories above, and I will not repeat them here. The "high-end" ergo chairs are mostly made of patented materials, so the sitting feelings are even more varied. In addition to the material of the seat cushion, the ergonomic chair is very different from the ordinary office chair in terms of the shape design and the adjustment method of the seat cushion. The front end of the ergonomic chair cushion is usually waterfall-shaped to reduce the pressure on the hip and leg nerves and blood vessels when compressed. Secondly, the seat depth adjustment can be divided into front and rear adjustment (without changing the length of the cushion, but changing the distance to the back of the chair) and curling adjustment (not changing the distance to the back of the chair, but changing the length of the cushion). Steelcase's Leap, Gesture, etc., use front and rear adjustments, while Herman Miller's Embody and Mirra2 use curled adjustments



Whether the armrests are connected to the back of the chair is related to the overall comfort of the ergo chair. Only when they are connected, the armrests can maintain the same angle with the back of the human body when reclining so that the arms can be comfortably supported. At the same time, the front, rear, left, and right adjustment of the armrest is also very important. Herman Miller recently launched a new fully ergonomic chair named "Cosm." Whether the original vane armrest can become a classic will not be answered until it is officially released.


Chair leg:

The legs of the ergo chair for sale usually use five-star feet, while ordinary office chairs also use four-legged, arched feet, etc., in addition to five-star feet. There are three main materials for the chair's legs: nylon, steel, and aluminium alloy. Strength: aluminium alloy>steel>nylon. As far as the human body's weight is concerned, the chair legs made of nylon are sufficient to bear.


Pneumatic bar:

The office chair exploded because of the use of inferior pneumatic bars. The more well-known brands of pneumatic bars are South Korea KGS, South Korea SHS, etc. According to my discovery, most of the famous ergo chairs use the pneumatic bars of South Korea SHS. As long as other brands of pneumatic bars have passed quality certification, there is no problem with safety.


Chair wheel:

Most ordinary office chairs use hard wheels, while usually there are two chair wheels for the ergo chair(hard wheels and soft wheels) to choose from. The hard wheels are suitable for carpets, and the soft wheels are ideal for wooden floors and porcelain floors.