What are the Advantages of SIHOO's Doro-C300 Domino Stereoscopic Lumbar System?


The new SIHOO Doro-C300 has been released, and it has received a lot of support and affirmation. Many people couldn't help exclaiming: "This chair is too comfortable!"


Doro-C300 can achieve the rare good results now, which is closely related to the innovative research and development that designers spend the most day and night effort, and the powerful "Domino three-dimensional waist support system".

How does Domino's three-dimensional lumbar support system impress people?


1. You sit casually, it always fits your lumbar spine



Slope tracking module


This is the most critical module in the "Domino Stereoscopic Lumbar System".


Connect the seat cushion, lumbar pillow, and the movement trajectory of the body to achieve a dynamic waist tracking effect.


If a person sits in the same sitting position for a long time, the body will become fatigued and change to a different sitting position. Its function is to automatically adapt to changes in sitting posture, so that the entire back can maintain a good fit. Such a chair does not put too much pressure on the spine, but also allows people to maintain a comfortable sitting position.


2. Automatic tracking to find the best comfort point for you



Pressure feedback module


The lumbar support does not require additional front and rear adjustment knobs, nor does it need to be adjusted by yourself, and the support strength can be automatically adjusted according to the curvature. When working, whether you are sitting upright or leaning back, there will be no obvious discomfort, especially suitable for you who always have a hunchback after sitting for a long time. Whether sitting upright or leaning back, it fits comfortably against the waist.


3. It wraps around your waist when you sit down, making you so comfortable that you don't want to stand up



Radial contact module


It can not only support the back but also evenly bear the pressure and disperse the pressure, so that you can feel a comfortable feeling of wrapping, sitting on it is like sitting on the clouds!


If you put your hands on the 6D bionic armrests, and your waist is lowered 138 degrees, it will feel wonderful.


Lying down for lunch break and playing games, the waist is still well supported, and the overall comfort is improved more than a little!


SIHOO's Doro-C300 has the synergy of the three modules of the "Domino Stereoscopic Lumbar System", allowing the lumbar support, seat cushion, seat back, and the body to form a linkage dynamic system. No matter whether the user is sitting or lying back, the lumbar support can be like a domino, producing a chain reaction of strength and position, allowing the support to really play a role.