What Is An Office Fit-Out?

With many employees spending most of their working time sitting down behind a desk, businesses and consumers are increasingly investing in stylish, ergonomic office furniture to ensure productivity, comfort and support every time.

This guide will discuss the perks of an office fit-out, what’s involved in the process and why Sihoo’s office furniture is the superior choice. But first, what exactly is an office fit-out?

What is an office fit-out?

An office fit-out involves transforming an interior space into an up-and-running office environment. Unlike an office refurbishment, which focuses on renovating an existing office space, an office fit-out often begins with empty, uninhabitable spaces that are entirely transformed into an office.

The benefits of an office fit-out

With businesses promoting hybrid work to keep up with the competitive trends of providing a work-life balance to employees, an office space that embodies the needs of your colleagues is imperative to:

  • Improve employee productivity and morale 

    A well-designed office fit-out can improve productivity by providing employees with a comfortable and functional workspace. From ergonomic furniture to good lighting and well-designed workstations that promote good posture and reduce physical discomfort, creating a workspace conducive to productivity means companies can improve efficiency and output.

  • Promote employee collaboration 

    Encourage employee communication with office spaces that foster teamwork and creativity. Open-plan work areas, breakout spaces and meeting rooms facilitate collaboration and allow employees to work together more efficiently. This can help build a sense of teamwork and increase morale.

  • Enhance your business’ branding and image

    An office fit-out reflects a company's brand and culture, creating a sense of identity and purpose for employees. This can help boost employee engagement, as employees feel greater pride in their workplace and are more likely to identify with the company's values. A well-designed office fit-out will create a positive impression on clients and visitors, enhancing the company's reputation.

  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

    An office fit-out can be a cost-effective way to improve a company's workspace, compared to relocating to a new office. It enables you to maximise existing space and resources, reducing the need for additional space or equipment. By incorporating energy-efficient features and smart technologies, you can reduce maintenance and utility costs.

    Your office fit-out guide

    Unsure where to start? Allow us to simplify the process for you with our office fit-out guide. You can choose from three levels of commercial fit-outs:

  • White box fit-out

    Building your office from the ground up? A “white box” fit-out refers to the bare bones of a space post-construction, where interior walls, ceiling and floors remain unpainted or uncarpeted. A landlord usually completes this white box fit-out to give tenants the fundamental structure to personalise the blank canvas with their own design, layout and aesthetic.

  • Category A fit-out

    A Category A (Cat A) fit-out is carried out by the landlord and involves the basic design and installation of the mechanical and electrical services and finishes required to make the space habitable, but without any specific interior design or fit-out customisation.

    This includes raised access floors, suspended ceilings, internal surface finishes and mechanical and electrical services such as lighting, air conditioning and ventilation. It may also include the installation of basic kitchen and toilet facilities.

  • Category B fit-out

    Following a Cat A fit-out, a Category B (Cat B) fit-out is the role of the tenant to customise and adapt the space to their specific needs and requirements.

    This includes the interior design and customisation of the space, such as the layout, partitioning, finishes, furniture, fixtures and equipment. It may also include branding elements, such as the incorporation of company logos, signage and colour schemes to support their business operations, branding and culture.

    It may involve installing specialised equipment, such as laboratory facilities, server rooms or AV systems and creating specialised spaces like meeting rooms, breakout areas and open-plan workspaces.

    What is an office fit-out process?

    To complete your office fit-out and remain on schedule and budget, remaining organised is key. An office fit-out is carried out through the following stages:

  • Pre-planning and design — First, identify the project’s requirements and create the design that reflects this, from the space plan, selecting materials and finishes and identifying required equipment.
  • Budget and office fit-out cost estimation — Estimate the office fit-out cost and create a budget for design, construction and any potential for extra spending.
  • Tendering and contracting — Select a contractor(s) to carry out the work based on their relevant qualifications and experience.
  • Pre-construction — Before you commence construction, you must obtain necessary permits and approvals, finalise the design and prepare the site for construction.
  • Construction — Construction involves everything from demolitions to installing partitions and ceilings, electrical and mechanical installation, to the Cat B customisation of the space.
  • Post-installation stages and ongoing maintenance — After project completion, the post-construction review involves evaluating the project's success, identifying any areas for improvement and making any necessary adjustments.

    The cost of an office fit-out is worth your while with Sihoo

    Once you’ve completed your Cat A fit-out and are ready to tackle the exciting interior design and fit-out of your office space, Sihoo is your trusted office furniture provider to fill your office with your desired furnishings. Our office furniture is designed to meet the needs of the modern-day worker, with ergonomic features that promote productivity and comfort. Our office chairs are built to last the long haul, with high-quality materials to help support your valuable employees’ backs and necks to reduce pain and fatigue and promote productivity.

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