Financial Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs

Financial Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs

With more people finding themselves seated at a desk for work and educational activities for longer periods each day, there are more than just health improvements that can be made — there are several financial benefits of ergonomic chairs as well.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll shed some light on how investing in body-supportive furniture can improve productivity and establish your organisation as an employer of choice so you can attract the best talent while maintaining high occupational health and safety standards.

The bottom line — they’re tax-deductible

Whether you’re fitting out a new office or you need to accommodate growing staff numbers, the potential tax benefits are one of the most rewarding financial benefits of ergonomic chairs. When it comes to reducing your organisation’s taxable income, it can be one of the major reasons your business case for investing in new furniture will make it over the line.

While regulations constantly change and may differ based on your location and other criteria (always seek the advice of a qualified tax professional), the Australian Tax Office allows businesses to make 100% deductions on furniture costing under $300. For items costing over $300, you can claim its decline in value.

By taking advantage of programs like this, you can reduce the cost of high-quality ergonomic chairs on your business while reaping the body-aligning benefits for your staff.

Reducing work-related health issues

Sitting down for hours on end has the potential to create various health concerns for your staff, including constricting blood circulation, body and joint pain and musculoskeletal issues, among others. Ergonomic chairs have been designed with a scientific approach that helps correct posture, offers lumbar support, and hosts your employees comfortably to minimise the opportunity for one-time and recurring issues to present themselves.

While committing to ergonomic chairs requires a higher one-off cost to the business than traditional chairs, they continuously pay dividends over their life as they can successfully reduce the amount of sick leave, delayed projects and absenteeism incurred from a prolonged, poor seated posture.

They’re built to last

The upfront cost of ergonomic chairs may seem higher than standard office chairs, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investment. Ergonomic chairs are engineered for durability, using high-quality materials that withstand the rigours of daily use while helping reduce the need to replace faulty chairs.

Moreover, they’re highly customisable, allowing your employees to adjust the seat height, seat pan, backrest angle, tilt adjustment and armrest height to their needs. But they’re not static either — they’ll fit anyone, so whether your team member moves on or is promoted to another team, that same ergonomic chair can adapt to anyone in the office.

Improving employee retention

In modern workplaces, looking after your team’s well-being is more than just a perk — it’s a strategic move to engage your current workforce and attract high-calibre talent. Many workers prioritise organisations whose values match their own, where restrictive chairs and cubicle walls are no longer acceptable.

So whether you’re looking to fit out your office or offer an ergonomic chair to hybrid and remote workers, it’s a cost-effective way to foster a sense of goodwill and belonging. Consequently, organisations stand to benefit from increased employee satisfaction that improves the office’s atmosphere and ultimately reduces the financial strain associated with frequent turnover and burnout.

Increases focus and productivity

One of the most profound financial benefits of ergonomic chairs extends far beyond hosting your team in higher levels of comfort and support — they wield a significant influence on their overall output. By creating a conducive workspace where your staff can better focus, they can work more productively and complete projects with increased efficiency.

One other advantage of reducing physical strain is that employees are less likely to experience fatigue that can impede their ability to sustain their energy levels throughout the day. This, in turn, reduces restlessness and the number of small breaks or interruptions needed to alleviate discomfort and enable a more seamless workflow.

Encourage movement and collaboration

Traditional office chains can seem static and feel like they’re a barrier for your staff to move among the office. With increased tilt control and a more seamless ability to swivel and face their colleagues, ergonomic chairs can encourage staff to leave their desks for in-person meetings to collaborate on projects. The financial benefit lies in the synergy generated by a more engaged and collaborative approach that helps to drive innovation and problem-solving.

They’re more inclusive

In today’s diverse workplace, employers may need to be more accommodating of people with existing ailments and disabilities whose needs may require additional support to reduce the strain created by sitting for prolonged periods. Offering a customisable ergonomic chair is one thing you can do to be more inclusive and ensure your workplace fosters diversity, caters to all abilities and gives them a solid foundation to help them succeed in their role.

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