Best Ergonomic Chairs in Australia

People who sit at a desk all day are often not as comfortable as they could be. However, with the right chair, you can increase productivity, decrease workplace injuries and reduce costs by improving employee morale with the right ergonomic chair. These are just a few benefits of ergonomic chairs that can help you improve your business's bottom line. 

But if you want to reap the benefits, how do you choose the best ergonomic chair in Australia? We did the hard work for you and created a list of the best SIHOO ergonomic chairs.

Why use ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are designed to keep you comfortable, healthy and productive throughout your day. They're built with features like lumbar support and an adjustable seat height which can help alleviate pain and strain on your back, neck and legs.

They can also help reduce the physical strain your body experiences due to large amounts of time spent sitting. This is done by supporting your upper body at the correct height and reducing the amount of pressure and stress on your back, neck, shoulders and arms.

When you have the best ergonomic chair in Australia, you will notice that your muscles feel less tired after sitting for extended periods because they don't need to work as hard to support your body weight. This means that you can work more productively without getting sore or fatigued!

Best ergonomic chairs in Australia

1. SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair

Does your current office chair make you unproductive? Tired of an uncomfortable seating experience at work? Running out of different sitting positions to alleviate your back pain? Then the M57 is the perfect solution for you.

Key features:

  1. It has a fully-adjustable headrest for personalised neck relief and head support.
  2. It has adjustable lower-back lumbar support for free adjustment of height and depth support.
  3. It has 3D adjustable armrests that can be adapted for different office applications and full 360 rotating handrails.

This office chair will give you the support you need to perform your best at work. It’s fully customisable to make sitting all day a more relaxed experience. The SIHOO ergonomic office chair's multiple adjustment features allow you to keep your body healthy and maintain a perfect posture while working, offering a high level of comfort that supports high productivity levels.

Dedicated to creating office seating solutions that offer both ergonomics and comfort for people who spend long hours working at a desk, SIHOO Design's M57 Office Chair offers adjustable lower back lumbar support and a fully adjustable headrest for personalised neck relief and head support. With 3D adjustable armrests that can be adapted for different office applications with full 360 rotating handrails, this chair has been designed to keep you productive all day!

Say bye to uncomfortable working days with the best ergonomic office chair

SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair is ideal for professionals, students and gaming enthusiasts. Featuring adjustable height, a backrest reclining design, and an ergonomic waterfall seat edge, this chair offers a comfortable sitting experience all day long. Its sturdy structure, PU leather cover, and PU armrests provide the body with full-range stretching space while ensuring that you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud while working in your office.

The SIHOO M57 office chair is the perfect answer to your ergonomics needs. The use of high-quality PU leather gives you a comfortable sitting experience. The independent suspension system allows each leg to move independently, making it very easy to adjust according to your preferences. In addition, an armrest can be built in or attached to the backrest, making it easier for you to take breaks as you work.

2. SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Office Chair

Do you work for hours each day in an office chair? Do your shoulders, lower back and neck feel tired from sitting all day? SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Office Chair utilises ergonomic design principles to promote good posture, relaxation, and less pain for those who sit for long periods.

Key features:

  1. It is fully adjustable, including the height, depth and angle of the lumbar support, 4D armrests and seat height.
  2. It is made with ergonomic design principles in mind to provide comfort and support for those sitting in it for extended periods.
  3.  It has a 3-year warranty with full parts coverage.

SIHOO V1 Office Chair is a durable office chair with various features to help you stay comfortable during your work day. Whether working at an office or using it at home, this ergonomic chair provides the necessary support and comfort for long periods.

This high-quality, fully adjustable chair is made for one reason — to provide comfort for those sitting in it for extended periods. The seat depth and angle can be adjusted by moving the lever underneath the seat. It also adjusts up & down, as well as tilts back & forward. The armrests are designed to move along with the mechanism, so you'll never find yourself hitting them when adjusting your height or depth.

Enjoy a stylish ergonomic office chair with impressive features

Designed with comfort in mind, it offers a wide range of adjustable features and ergonomic design principles to ensure comfort and support for those who sit in it for extended periods. With fully adjustable features such as height, depth and angle, 4D armrests and seat height, this chair can be customised to fit any individual's needs.

The SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Office Chair is made with a carbon steel frame and full leather upholstery. It features a breathable mesh backrest and an adjustable headrest to provide the utmost comfort and support by relieving tension in the wrist, neck and shoulders, which can help reduce body pains and fatigue. A 360-degree swivel base allows you to spin smoothly around your desk, making it an ideal chair for computer work in homes, small businesses and offices. 

Feel better while working with SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the most important aspects of your health is sitting in an ergonomic position at home and work. When you're working hard and sitting on a chair all day, eventually, your body will start to fatigue, get stiff and feel tired, which can be very inconvenient to your daily routine. That's where SIHOO comes in with our high-quality ergonomic office chairs! 

Through its innovative ergonomic design, the SIHOO R1 Chair helps provide support for shoulders, back, neck and health overall by regulating weight distribution among these areas so you won't feel pain or discomfort. This chair features adjustable 4D armrests that allow adjustment for elbow angle, wrist angle and hand height and a lower back lumbar support pillow.

3. SIHOO M90 Ergonomic Office Chair

If your current office chair isn’t comfortable or doesn’t keep your back feeling great while sitting in it all day, try the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair. This high-class ergonomic office chair is designed to offer CEO-level comfort and stability, allowing you to engage in productive activity for hours on end.

Key features:

  1. It has comfortable lumbar support that adapts to different postures.
  2. It has a fully adjustable headrest, lower-back lumbar support and 4D adjustable armrests.
  3. The high-quality mesh prevents wear and tear.

The SIHOO M90 high-class ergonomic office chair is a premium product with superior adjustability and a long lifespan. This high-standard chair is specially designed for medium-term use in upper management-level offices or occasional use at the home workspace. 

You can adjust it to three positions between 103° and 123° to tilt the backrest and 4” seat height adjustment with 360° free rotation. With these adjustments, you can find exactly the best position. You can also adjust the headrest and armrests and ensure you never have any issues with a sore neck and tired arms again. It has all the features you need to stay productive and feel good even after long hours at work.

Style and function combined in one of the best ergonomic chairs in Australia

Since it’s a chair designed with your body's best interest in mind, it also provides unique features such as an adjustable headrest and lower back support. With these features, you can make your SIHOO premium mesh ergonomic office chair fit perfectly to your body shape and make sure that it always supports you most comfortably.

The SIHOO M90 Ergonomic Office Chair is an ergonomic chair made out of mesh fabric which is breathable and prevents wear and tear. It has a high-quality mesh backrest with a rigid centre support tube designed to accommodate your posture, which makes it ideal for those who work with computers for long hours. Polyurethane foam will ensure you get the health benefits of 'sitting', while our ergonomic design ensures your spine stays in proper alignment. You can only find these features in Sihoo chairs with a 3-year warranty!

4. FURSYS SIDIZ T50 White/Black Frame Office Desk Chair

Thinking of getting a new chair? Then look no further than the best office chair in Australia — the FURSYS SIDIZ T50 White/Black Frame Office Desk Chair! Made with high-quality materials, this chair will support you throughout your work day, allowing you to be as productive as you always wanted without any soreness.

Key features:

  1. It has an ergonomic S-curve design that supports the spine.
  2. It is easily customisable to each individual's preference.
  3. It has a 5-year warranty on quality-related issues.

FURSYS SIDIZ T50 White/Black Frame Office Desk Chair is an ergonomically designed computer chair that’s perfect for anyone who works in an office or home environment and wants to have a chair that provides comfort while working.

The adjustable arms allow you to position yourself in a relaxed position. Its adjustable seat height has memory foam, allowing for maximal cooling comfort due to its breathability. Our chair's lumbar support can be adjusted for the perfect fit and feel for your back, ensuring you are always comfortable working at the office.

Easier daily tasks with FURSYS SIDIZ T50 Office Desk Chair

As one of the best office chairs in Australia, the FURSYS SIDIZ T50 has a curved back that allows for excellent support for your spine and helps you stay focused while doing your daily tasks. With its adjustable arms and seat height, the FURSYS SIDIZ T50 can be adjusted to fit your needs regardless of height or weight, making it ideal for both personal use and a professional office setting!

The FURSY SIDIZ T50 White/Black Office Chair is a great option for long days at your desk, thanks to its ergonomic design and various comfort features. The backrest features an adjustable tension knob, so you can adjust the amount of lumbar support as needed, whether sitting upright or leaning back. For extra comfort, it also has an adjustable padded headrest, seat height adjustment and set tilt position for maximum support.

The adjustable height allows you to find your perfect position while working. The armrests are made with soft PU leather-covered pads, which help reduce pressure on arms and shoulders, providing users with extended periods of comfort. This office desk chair also comes equipped with an adjustable lumbar support cushion which can be raised or lowered according to your preference. And on top of all these neat little features, you have a padded pillow seat that helps conform to the shape of your body. 

5. FURSYS SIDIZ T40 Black Frame Home Office Desk Chair with Headrest

Whether you work from home or head up an office, this chair offers customisable adjustments so it can be tailored to your ideal ergonomic position. The FURSYS SIDIZ T40 Black Frame Home Office Desk Chair with Headrest has been designed with various features that provide the ultimate comfort and support you are looking for while sitting.

Key features:

  1. It has an ergonomic S-curve design which is crucial for a healthy spine.
  2. It is easily customisable to each individual's preference.
  3. It features a multi-limited tilt to adjust the seat and backrest at different angles.

Would you like a more ergonomic office chair to keep your back and joints healthy? The FURSYS SIDIZ T40 Black Frame Home Office Desk Chair with Headrest is a great option for any working space, whether at home or in the workplace. This chair has an adjustable headrest, height and armrests to find the perfect position for your body. With an easily adjustable tilt, recline action and a 5-year warranty on quality-related issues, this chair will give you the support you need for long hours of use.

It’s ergonomically designed to fit your body perfectly so that you can sit comfortably in it for long periods. This chair provides great back support and helps reduce fatigue from long working hours. It has adjustable armrests, a headrest pillow and an integrated lumbar support cushion for maximum comfort. This chair is built from high-quality materials with an ergonomic design that conforms to the natural shape of your spine. 

Comfort and durability merged in one ergonomic chair

The FURSYS SIDIZ T40 is a high-quality chair from FURSYS, a company dedicated to making top-quality products for your home. This ergonomic chair is perfect for anyone looking for comfort and support during hours of sitting. This modern, professional and comfortable chair offers you optimal comfort and support throughout the entire work day. 

This office chair offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and durability with an ergonomic S-curve design that keeps your back straight. Its customisable features make it ideal for any body type as it adjusts to your height, weight and movement patterns without requiring effort. This way, you can focus on whatever you're doing instead of dealing with back or neck discomfort. 

Explore the best ergonomic office chairs in Australia from Sihoo

Here at SIHOO, our customers should always be able to sit comfortably. That is why we are committed to helping our customers find the right chair. Whether they are looking for a chair that can be easily customised or with great back support, our products have all those features. Browse our site for the best ergonomic chair, or contact us for recommendations!