6 Signs It’s Time To Renew Your Office Furniture

Signs it’s time to renew your office furniture

When looking for ways to boost office productivity, don’t ignore the effects of office furniture. Over time, it can wear out, become outdated and fail to meet the evolving needs of a growing business. And your office furniture, from your chairs to your cabinetry, might be what’s reducing the overall functionality and appeal of your workspace.

So, how do you know it’s time for an upgrade? Look for the obvious and not-so-obvious signs that it’s time to renew your office furniture

6 signs that it’s time to renew your office furniture

  • Your furniture is damaged or showing signs of wear and tear
  • Any physical damage to your chairs and desks, such as broken armrests, are clear-cut signs it’s time to renew your office furniture. If the damage is not apparent, look for signs of wear and tear like scratches, dents, cracks, loose screws and parts, squeaks and creaks, flattened cushions and wobbly legs.

    Also, observe if there is any loss in the functionality of your office furniture, like chairs that don’t adjust fully or drawers that don’t fully slide open and shut. What may seem like minor inconveniences in your office furniture can compound to create major roadblocks in your operations.

  • Employee productivity is slowing down
  • If you’ve noticed a loss of productivity but can’t seem to pinpoint the cause, observe the satisfaction your employees get from your office furniture. Uncomfortable chairs and narrow desks cause poor ergonomics in the workplace and give rise to chronic back problems, fatigue, headaches and other repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Additionally, all of these can trigger stress, worsening the overall well-being of your employees.

    A higher number of absences in your workforce could be a sign it’s time to renew your office furniture. If your current furniture lacks lumbar support, adjustable features and proper keyboard and mouse placement, consider upgrading to ergonomic chairs and desks to better support employees’ physical and mental health.

  • Your office culture is evolving 
  • As your business grows, so do the needs of your employees. The way people work, collaborate and thrive may have changed since you purchased your existing furniture. 

    For example, your office may now require more open and collaborative spaces, making partitioned desks and narrow cubicles unsuitable for the workspace. Employees may have also developed healthier habits and prefer adjustable standing desks that allow them to move throughout the day.

  • You need more storage, organisation and functionality
  • One of the signs it’s time to renew your office furniture is the accumulation of clutter, making your workspace feel disorganised and look unprofessional. See if there are overflowing cabinets, limited filing space or insufficient storage for office supplies. Those are signs to invest in functional furniture with ample storage capacities, such as filing cabinets, bookshelves and modular desks.

    Also consider cable management, as technology has become an integral part of the modern workplace, so have an abundance of wires and cables. Your office needs to accommodate laptops, printers and other devices with built-in charging outlets and wire management ports for more efficient organisation.

  • Your furniture doesn’t reflect your branding
  • Furniture is part of the overall design of your office and your chairs, desks, storage, tables and sofas contribute to your branding more than you think. Clunky vinyl couches, leather chairs and narrow cubicles speak of older times and may no longer represent your company’s younger and collaborative culture. 

    So, if you want to impress your clients and inspire your employees, consider revamping your office with modern furniture that is both stylish and functional. Start with mesh ergonomic chairs, modular desks, plush couches and a bespoke reception desk that represent your business well.

  • You prioritise cost efficiency
  • How often should you replace office furniture? The average lifespan of most office chairs, desks and cabinets is 7 to 10 years. However, you might consider upgrading your office furniture earlier for cost efficiency, especially if ageing furniture requires frequent repairs. 

    Additionally, having to cover the cost of absent employees due to injuries or illness caused by poor ergonomics is another sign it’s time to renew your office furniture. With long-lasting ergonomic furniture, you can reduce unnecessary expenses and observe a cost-efficient office.

    How often should you replace office furniture?

    The short answer is: It depends. The general guideline is to consider upgrading every 7 to 10 years, when most manufacturer warranties run out. However, the quality of the furniture, level of usage, the office’s budget and changing needs all play into the decision to invest in new chairs, desks and storage.

    Ultimately, it’s more important to consider how your furniture affects your employees’ productivity and the office’s appeal. Signs that it’s time to renew your office furniture will manifest, from visible damage to productivity losses due to poor ergonomics, these are clear indications that you need to revamp your office with new furniture, even before the warranty expires.

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